Glossy Laminate

pixi club business card printing
pixi club business card printing
pixi club business card printing
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The design and print of a business card may sound simple and low cost, but your business card is the representative of your business.
They say every business should have a website but you better know that it’s your business card which introduce your website to your customers.
Let professionals to take care of your marketing and business cards from Concept to Design and Print. Here in PiXi Club we take care of it all. Marketing Experts, professional designers and the most experienced print operators will take care of your business step by step from start to the end.
Glossy Laminated has many different benefits, first its very durable, second it shows the colors more vibrant and third it makes it more thicker and more classy. ;)

You already have a business card and need to printed again? take a pic of your current card and send it to us we create the digital file for free, we even take a picture of you for free.
Or ask our designers to design a professional business card for you
We also might have templates professionally designs for your business, ask one of our representatives.

Glossy Laminate

 (Size:3.5" X 2) | Paper: 12 Pt Gloss
Size Quantity Price CAN$
3.5" X 2" 500
3.5" X 2" 1000
3.5" X 2" 2500
3.5" X 2" 5000

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