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We are UofT certified professional Digital Marketing Managers.
Digital Marketing might look easy to do, you post your service, your picture or your brands on your social media and you get clients. Yes there's a BUT here, remember if you do something wrong and lose your reputation you might not be able to go back to the market easy, Digital footprint is a term that every business should be aware of, non of these digital channels will delete your history and it will always be there, so if you want to cover up your mistakes you need a professional to come up with a good solution for your case. One negative feedback might ruin everything, your design might become offensive for someone, your content might not be related to your target market, the channels you are promoting yourself might be full of negative people, your design might make you look cheep but your clients are looking for professionals and classy person to deal with and so on.

A successful Digital Marketing Campaign needs a smart market analyzer, knowledgeable content creator, a professional designer and hard working operators.

What We will do for you:
We analyze your client persona
We run A-B test on your campaign to find the best design and content which attracts your type of clients more
We will create Graphic or Videos which attracts you specific target market
We will monitor the online activities on every campaign
Expand your audience to publish your brand
Prepare monthly report and modify the campaigns accordingly 

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